What’s the Ideal Mix of Topical and Evergreen Content?


Content marketing can be tricky even for the most seasoned marketers; it can be trickier for the new entrant. Whether your budget is fat or slim, you can’t really boost your ROI (Return on Investment) unless you define clear-cut business goals, know your audiences inside-out and, are adept at offering the right content to your […]

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3 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast (PLUS: Quick tips to get started)


Podcasts have often been in the background of marketing strategies, but over the past few years, podcasts have exploded as a rich content marketing tool. The reason this has been happening can be strongly linked to what Michael Wolf of the NextMarket Podcast says in his interview over at Social Media Examiner: People see podcasting […]

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Why Content Optimization Outshines Your Ads and Promotions


Gartner defines content optimization as the process by which a content provider is able to use a variety of techniques to improve search results and ranking. It extends the value of core content by automating the content management process to develop new Web pages on the fly. Content optimization has two parts- optimizing for audience and […]

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5 Tips To Ensure Your Brand Voice Resonates with Your Audiences


Your brand voice is an extension of you. It’s how to talk and how people feel after you’ve said something. It’s more than your logo and color scheme. Are you conversational? Professional? Energetic? It’s important to know your brand voice. A consistent, solid brand voice can help you raise awareness, create engagement and even generate […]

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How Many Blog Posts Should I Be Publishing a Week?


If you are starting off your business blog and want to drive its popularity, you must follow the blogging best practices. Among many other factors that contribute to the success of a business blog, publishing your content at an ideal interval is imperative. You may have come across blog posts advising you to post on […]

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How to Write Strong Titles and Headlines By CopyPress


Before you can break the rules, you have to learn the rules. This is especially true when it comes to writing headlines. Many journalism majors start with press releases and basic headline principles where they have to explain the who, what, where, why, when, and how before they can get creative with wits and puns. […]

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How to Pick the Right Social Media Network for Your Brand


According to We Are Social, there are 2.3 billion active social media users. That’s huge potential for growth and it’s easy to feel the need to be everywhere as a brand. Unfortunately, the need to “be everywhere”, on every social media network, is super risky if you don’t ground your social media strategy in your overall branding […]

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Learn How to Create Amazing Infographics By CopyPress


Are you looking for a new content marketing strategy for your brand? Do you want to create viral content? Infographics might be just what you’re looking for. By pairing easy to read copy and stats with stunning graphics, you’re able to give your brand a unique personality while still engaging with your audience. Infographics can […]

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3 Benefits Ebooks Activate For Your Business


In the current content-centric B2B environment, prospects are bombarded with all forms of original content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks theoretically all serve the same purpose: providing value to prospects at no cost. This is rarely the case as the rise of content marketing has driven many marketers to believe quantity is more important […]

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How to Do Curation Effectively By CopyPress


Many companies understand the value of content creation, but few dedicate a significant amount of time to the content curation process. Sure, social media is a thriving marketing industry, but it’s rare to find brands that have a strategic curation strategy to make sure their content is getting shared while building relationships with others. Content […]

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