How to use Quora for Lead Generation and Sales


Founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, the former CTO of Facebook, and Charlie Cheever, an erstwhile Facebook engineer, Quora, the popular Questions and Answers site, has recently reached about 100 million monthly unique visitors. The beauty of the platform is that it allows thought leaders to answer crowdsourced queries thereby establish their authority among the […]

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How to Determine the Best Marketing Channel for Your SMB: An SMB Marketing Guide


There’s a well-planned marketing strategy behind every successful small business. It’s an indispensable tool to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive landscape. There are numerous ways to promote a small business. However, many small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) find it difficult to choose from the effective marketing channels available within their shoestring budget. […]

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How Smart Technology Benefits the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry accumulates vast amounts of structured and unstructured content every day: Patient records and medical histories Images such as ultrasounds, x-rays, and other images Pharmaceutical and therapy research data Records from practitioners about ground-breaking patient cases Clinical trial data IBM’s Watson Healthcare division predicts the amount of medical data stored in various repositories […]

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The 4 Greatest Ways The Internet of Things Can Benefit the Developing World


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? It is the network of physical objects, whether they are devices, vehicles, buildings, or even humans, which are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and network connectivity. These different objects help us send, transfer and collect data. It’s a growing sensation that’s captured everyone in the technology world, so much so that according […]

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The Mini-Guide to Use Quora to Promote Your Blog or Business


At Atomic Reach, we love Quora. We consider it a solid tool for promoting blogs and businesses. The Q&A site currently receives 100 million monthly unique visitors. Half of them live in the U.S.! Impressive numbers, right? And yet, many of the small business owners I know are either unaware that Quora exists or are […]

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How to Choose Topics for Your Healthcare Blog


You’ve finally gotten the approval to start a healthcare blog. You know it will be a huge service to your practice, helping patients by answering questions about their most pressing problems. You sit down to write the most helpful, engaging and epic post of all time. You’ll be the hero, and people will stand amazed […]

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How to Create a Successful Twitter Hashtag for Your Cause


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool to start a cause and promote it to the target audience. Crafted with a creative strategy, a cause can reach and galvanize the masses to achieve the desired objective. While there are numerous ways to use Twitter to promote a cause, hashtags have been particularly effective in recent years. […]

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How to Use Big Data to Win Over Readers


You may have heard that 80 or 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years. Well, guess what? Not only is that statistic correct, it has been correct for decades. We are approaching a moment in history when the term “big data” is actually an incomprehensible amount of data. An […]

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