What factors should you A/B test when you want to maximize content performance? [Infographic]


Marketers have long known the benefits of A/B testing their content. The situations that warrant A/B testing vary depending on the specific organization. They may be looking to increase the click-through rate on a particular call to action (CTA) on their product page, boosting the open-rate of their sales emails or ramping up the click-through […]

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Is your audience’s engagement being negatively impacted by content length? [Infographic]


Content length has long been a passionately debated topic.   When content marketing was a fledgling new concept, we saw marketers rush to fill the vacuum with content – any type of content. Quantity was of the utmost importance, with content quality and originality taking a secondary role.   As consumers of content grew more […]

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Why does the readability of your content matter? [Infographic]


The concept of readability has been explored numerous times through rigorous scientific testing – the bulk of this has focused on print as opposed to digital media. With the meteoric rise of content marketing in the recent past, we see marketers and linguists turn to readability once again, this time exploring it with an online […]

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How To Use LinkedIn To Drive Big Traffic


As of October 2016, LinkedIn boasted  467 million registered users. What positions LinkedIn apart from other social media platforms is that it caters to a specific type of user. As each social media platform grew in users, like the immensely popular Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, they eventually devolved into a free-for-all shouting match. This meant that […]

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How Atomic AI Measures The Emotion In Your Content

ARBlog_How Atomic AI MeasuresTheEmotionInYourContent_Dec3_17

If there is a single feature in our platform that has generated the most interest (but also the most confusion), it is our Emotion measure. Clients would be intrigued by the concept of intelligently balancing how much emotion should be in a piece of content. Each and every time the emotion measure would elicit the […]

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How We Outsourced Sales and Generated More Outbound Results


Picture this, you have a strong product, your marketing efforts are on point, and your sales team is working in overdrive to capitalize on growing your lead list. You are experiencing growth, but recognize that the rate needs to be accelerated. Growth is good, but sustainable growth is what you need. 9 times out of […]

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3 Benefits Ebooks Activate For Your Business


In the current content-centric B2B environment, prospects are bombarded with all forms of original content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks theoretically all serve the same purpose: providing value to prospects at no cost. This is rarely the case as the rise of content marketing has driven many marketers to believe quantity is more important […]

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Supercharge Your Content With the New and Improved Emotion Feature!

Emotion blog-01-01

Another month, another major update! What has occupied the majority of our developer team’s time for the past week or so has been a major overhaul to our Emotion feature within the Writer module. Writers know that one of the most important things to do is to elicit an emotional response from the reader. It is […]

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Atomic Audit: Customizable Content Analytics Report to Optimize All of Your Communication Pieces


We are excited to announce our newest offering!   It’s called Atomic Audit and it aims to provide companies with a report that helps them understand the gaps in their digital communications. It uses the same machine-learning technology that has made the Atomic Reach platform so popular, with several additional features that really delivers value […]

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Writer’s Content Complexity Measure Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter


We recently pushed out a new update to our platform. You probably didn’t even notice – but look closer and you’ll see it immediately.   The update addresses various issues but mostly focuses on a massive overhaul of our Content Complexity measure.   Content complexity provides you with synonyms based on what audience knowledge level […]

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