What factors should you A/B test when you want to maximize content performance? [Infographic]

Marketers have long known the benefits of A/B testing their content. The situations that warrant A/B testing vary depending on the specific organization. They may be looking to increase the click-through rate on a particular call to action (CTA) on their product page, boosting the open-rate of their sales emails or ramping up the click-through rate of their monthly marketing newsletter. With the help of A/B testing on various aspects of the piece of content, marketers can hone in on what makes it tick.


​A vast amount of studies throughout the years has shown that the organizations who consistently use A/B testing to modify or re-iterate on their content, tend to experience an increase in conversion rates and value, reduced bounce rates and increased lead generation.


This in turn leads to better quality content in a general sense, boosting SEO value if you are A/B testing webcopy or blog content. Better quality content will then result in your company gaining a reputation as a thought-leader in your field – providing you with an increase in leads, resulting in a more profitable company.​


​​The Atomic AI platform is the perfect tool-kit for marketers to drill down on the “problem” factors of their content.


​​With the help of machine learning, artificial intelligence and your unique audience engagement data, Atomic AI has the power to present many unique insights into your audience’s reading behaviour.


​By providing Atomic AI with your engagement data, the platform is able to make correlations between what content performs, and what factors are causing this boost in performance.

​​In the infographic below, we have outlined three common pieces of content that marketers perform A/B testing on:

  • webcopy
  • sales emails
  • email newsletters


It provides rapid-fire tips on what factors of each communication piece you should experiment with, along with some quick recommendations to get you going.

​Let us know in the comments below of any successes your company has had from vigorously A/B testing their product.


Split Test Infographic


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