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The New Atomic Reach Platform: Your Ticket To Marketing Success With Machine Learning

How much time do you spend on planning and executing your social media strategy for your content? And how much time do you spend on your content marketing strategy?


Fifteen minutes? Thirty minutes? An hour or more? Multiple times a week?


We’ve been there. Starting in the morning to plan out your week’s content and social strategy, only to see your morning disappear. What can start off as an hour, turns into at least four, especially if you’re an agency or brand with multiple accounts!


That’s why we created the New Atomic Reach Platform.


Our advanced data analytics and intelligent tools eliminates guesswork and reduces wasted time. You’ll know in real-time what your audience likes to read, how they like to read it, and the where and when they love engaging with you on social media.


With this platform you will be able to create and execute an adaptive content marketing and social media strategy.


You’ll produce the right content, in the right format, to target the right audience at the right time.

This is what you can expect from The New Atomic Reach Platform:


Producing the Right Content

Your most engaged audience segments include your readers and social media followers. When they are identified, you will know how to drive engaging content consistently, with guaranteed high performance.



The Atomic Reach platform consists of 3 parts. Insights, Writer and Scheduler.


The Insights page identifies your most engaged audience and what drives their reading behaviour. These insights help you become a more informed content marketer.


Audience Insights


At first glance, you’ll be provided with your most engaged audience. For us, we see that our content should be written at a knowledgeable level. This recommendation is based on the audience segment with the highest average page views.



Atomic Score

Helping you sustain your brand’s standard of writing, the Atomic Score table shows you the performance stats of content that successfully hit or scored higher than your overall score.



Article Feedback

Each aspect of your blog post is measured.


By seeing which areas of your blog posts are the strongest, you are able to maintain that standard.


This also works for the areas in your blog posts that aren’t your strongest. With this knowledge you’ll be able to identify what specifically needs improvement. You’ll be able to increase the quality of your blog, and become a better writer.



Content Archive

Looking for a visual overview of how all of your content has performed? Your Content Archive, gives you a list (also in the form of a scatterplot graph) all your articles and the most important metrics you should be looking at.


These metrics will help you determine the direction of your blog, showing you what topics were the most popular, what audience level got the most engagement, and the type of traffic you can expect from such topics.


Writing In the Right Format


It’s important to know the type of structure and language your audience prefers. By knowing the specific measures that have a high impact on engagement you’ll be able to create a loyal and interested audience for the long-term.


Need a place to write your blog post without distractions? How about one that gives your real-time feedback based on machine learning?


Along with being a writing document, the intelligent AtomicWriter tool was built right into your writing space to ensure that there’s no interruption to your writing-to-editing for your audience workflow.


Hit that publish button to score your content to see how well it will perform. Use your editing feedback to help optimize your content for your target audience in real-time.


Little tweaks can be the difference between writing for those who are actually interested in your content and for those who will probably ignore it.


There’s a reason why you shouldn’t create your content for a broad audience. Not everyone is interested in your products, especially those in irrelevant industries. It’s like trying to sell ice cream to someone with lactose intolerance…it’s not going to work.


By being able to tailor your content based on the needs of each of your audience segments, you’ll be writing for those who can relate to your brand and what you do.


Select Your Target Audience


Continuing with the same mentality that you should be writing only for your audience, we’ve created categories that you can select in AtomicWriter. These are the knowledge levels you can select based on who your intended audience is.

  • General: A beginner level understanding of your content or theme
  • Knowledgeable: A competent understanding of the content or theme
  • Specialist: A proficient understanding of the content or theme
  • Academic: A superior understanding of the content of theme
  • Genius: An expert understanding of the content or theme

After you’ve written your article, click the Score button to see how it measures against your selected audience. The Atomic Score is unique to each user. It is based on how well the content connects with the audience.


Intelligent Feedback

Provides you with an audience-targeted editorial workflow to optimize style, structure and language.

Lookout for advanced edits in Readability. AtomicWriter looks into how well suited your choice of words, paragraph size,and sentence difficulty are for your audience.

How about emotional resonance factor? It’s got that too!


Everyone says that your title should be where you put in the most effort, and we completely agree. We give you a checklist and tips to help you craft the title that will give you the most engagement. With some measures being keywords, pronouns, and emotion, you’ll be able to create a very clickable title.


Having the fundamentals to any writing platform is a must. You can definitely expect the usual real-time editing functions that you’d get with any word document software, like word count, grammar, and length.


What about links? We included a measure to scan the quality of the links you’ve embedded into your blog post. Fast-loading links increases the quality of your content as opposed to slow-loading or spammy ones that traumatically hurts your content’s performance in many ways, like time spent on-page or a damaged company reputation.


Here’s an example:

The readability of your content can increase even with slightest of changes. Simply by choosing the right words for your audience, you will ensure that your content gets read and connects with the right people.

  • A General audience could prefer: “Creating great content out of nothing is one of the hardest steps to the writing process.”
  • While an Specialist audience would prefer: “Creating great content out of nothing is the most intimidating step in the writing process.”


Distributing Your Content At the Right Time

We feel the pains that it takes to schedule multiple articles to the right social media platforms at the right times:

  • Deciphering data
  • Flipping back-and-forth between your publisher, metrics, and article list
  • Searching for the author’s Twitter handle
  • Adding a picture
  • Finding the right hashtags

…And the list goes on.


That’s why we created the Atomic Scheduler – the most effective way for anyone to post their content at the best times for engagement.




Hook up your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and the scheduler will be able to automagically populate your calendar with the best times to share on the three different networks.


How does this help you?


Instead of going through your metrics dashboard, sifting through unimportant data, marking down the times for the right social media accounts, and crossing your fingers that the right data is actually being studied, you’ll be saving time and getting only the information that you need!


Visit your content page to start sharing your blog posts across your social media accounts.


Simply select a number of articles and watch your calendar populate with your best times to share on each network.


As we continue to tune our measures from our growing repository of all user content and engagement data, we are able to improve the weighting and calibration of each measure over time that continuously improves the Atomic Reach products you use.


Tell us what you think is missing in the content marketing industry and share this article to spread the word on the new intelligent way to create an adaptive content and social media strategy.

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