Is your audience’s engagement being negatively impacted by content length? [Infographic]


Content length has long been a passionately debated topic.   When content marketing was a fledgling new concept, we saw marketers rush to fill the vacuum with content – any type of content. Quantity was of the utmost importance, with content quality and originality taking a secondary role.   As consumers of content grew more […]

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How Atomic AI Measures The Emotion In Your Content

ARBlog_How Atomic AI MeasuresTheEmotionInYourContent_Dec3_17

If there is a single feature in our platform that has generated the most interest (but also the most confusion), it is our Emotion measure. Clients would be intrigued by the concept of intelligently balancing how much emotion should be in a piece of content. Each and every time the emotion measure would elicit the […]

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How We Outsourced Sales and Generated More Outbound Results


Picture this, you have a strong product, your marketing efforts are on point, and your sales team is working in overdrive to capitalize on growing your lead list. You are experiencing growth, but recognize that the rate needs to be accelerated. Growth is good, but sustainable growth is what you need. 9 times out of […]

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How to Curate Content Without Bringing On Content Overload


*This is an updated post If you’re anything like me, then chances are, there’s been a time or two that you’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content sources. How many news feeds, social networks, and interesting emails can one actually process in a day? And while the best content marketers create great content, […]

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5 Tips To Ensure Your Brand Voice Resonates with Your Audiences


Your brand voice is an extension of you. It’s how to talk and how people feel after you’ve said something. It’s more than your logo and color scheme. Are you conversational? Professional? Energetic? It’s important to know your brand voice. A consistent, solid brand voice can help you raise awareness, create engagement and even generate […]

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Supercharge Your Content With the New and Improved Emotion Feature!

Emotion blog-01-01

Another month, another major update! What has occupied the majority of our developer team’s time for the past week or so has been a major overhaul to our Emotion feature within the Writer module. Writers know that one of the most important things to do is to elicit an emotional response from the reader. It is […]

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Creating Your Own Blog As A Freelance Writer


If you have been generating a decent amount of business as a freelance blogger, you’ll need to muster up enough motivation and creativity to create your own blog. Ghost writing, or writing under another company’s brand can provide a good start for your writing career, though creating your own blog elevates your game to another […]

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5 Social Media Trends to be Aware of in 2016


As the midpoint of another decade passes, digital marketing heroes have yet another wave of social media trends to be aware of. Should your team of marketing pros execute on everything on this list? Probably not. Should you keep an eye on whether your closest competitors are stealing the wind from your cape online? You […]

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