What factors should you A/B test when you want to maximize content performance? [Infographic]


Marketers have long known the benefits of A/B testing their content. The situations that warrant A/B testing vary depending on the specific organization. They may be looking to increase the click-through rate on a particular call to action (CTA) on their product page, boosting the open-rate of their sales emails or ramping up the click-through […]

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Is your audience’s engagement being negatively impacted by content length? [Infographic]


Content length has long been a passionately debated topic.   When content marketing was a fledgling new concept, we saw marketers rush to fill the vacuum with content – any type of content. Quantity was of the utmost importance, with content quality and originality taking a secondary role.   As consumers of content grew more […]

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Atomic Reach Improves Its Grammar Feature With Rules You May Not Know About


It seems like cutesy emojis, short-and-sweet tweets, sarcastic hashtags, and shorthand phrases (i.e. OMG and LOL) have taken over our daily vocabulary, kicking good ol’ grammar to the curb. Does grammar even still matter? At Atomic Reach, the answer is a big fat yes. Don’t let typo-ridden blog posts or misspelled social media posts influence […]

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Writer’s Content Complexity Measure Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter


We recently pushed out a new update to our platform. You probably didn’t even notice – but look closer and you’ll see it immediately.   The update addresses various issues but mostly focuses on a massive overhaul of our Content Complexity measure.   Content complexity provides you with synonyms based on what audience knowledge level […]

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The New Atomic Reach Platform: Your Ticket To Marketing Success With Machine Learning

New Atomic Reach Platform-01

How much time do you spend on planning and executing your social media strategy for your content? And how much time do you spend on your content marketing strategy?   Fifteen minutes? Thirty minutes? An hour or more? Multiple times a week?   We’ve been there. Starting in the morning to plan out your week’s […]

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Creating Your Own Blog As A Freelance Writer


If you have been generating a decent amount of business as a freelance blogger, you’ll need to muster up enough motivation and creativity to create your own blog. Ghost writing, or writing under another company’s brand can provide a good start for your writing career, though creating your own blog elevates your game to another […]

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7 Easy Ways You Can Write The Best Tumble-Free Titles


Every writer goes through the process of trying to craft the perfect title. In fact, you spend 80% of your time on this aspect of blog writing in general. A lot of thought goes into making your title engaging and optimized for search. So where do you start? Let’s begin with your topic, which could be “Activities […]

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