Is your audience’s engagement being negatively impacted by content length? [Infographic]


Content length has long been a passionately debated topic.   When content marketing was a fledgling new concept, we saw marketers rush to fill the vacuum with content – any type of content. Quantity was of the utmost importance, with content quality and originality taking a secondary role.   As consumers of content grew more […]

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Why does the readability of your content matter? [Infographic]


The concept of readability has been explored numerous times through rigorous scientific testing – the bulk of this has focused on print as opposed to digital media. With the meteoric rise of content marketing in the recent past, we see marketers and linguists turn to readability once again, this time exploring it with an online […]

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Does Your Support Team Know More About Your Product Than You Do?


Did you ever think to outsource customer help? Outsourcing customer support helps with getting replies. By working with a team that has an international reach, you will ensure that all of your customers are being attended to. In part 2 of our Intercom World Tour recap, Sabrina shares her tips in creating a working customer support […]

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How to Use Big Data to Win Over Readers


You may have heard that 80 or 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years. Well, guess what? Not only is that statistic correct, it has been correct for decades. We are approaching a moment in history when the term “big data” is actually an incomprehensible amount of data. An […]

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Do You Want Engagement? Track These Metrics for Easy Results


Engagement is a major goal in many content strategies. Engagement can be a bit slippery to track, so finding good metrics isn’t always straightforward.   Before you write one word or create a single infographic, you need to set your goals. Quantify how you will reach those goals and be specific.   Once you start […]

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