Are You Looking For Love Online? Write Your Dating Profile With AI and Atomic Love


If you search my name on the web, you will get results ranging from considerate lover to the smartest man in the world. Both are true and it is for these reasons I found this project to be so interesting personally. If I haven’t lost you yet, the project I am talking about is a […]

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How Your Content Can Standout Against the Bots In Publishing [Podcast Recap]


In our sit down with Steve Rayson, we asked hard-hitting questions when it came to bots in the publishing industry and what that really meant for writers. (Spoiler: Your jobs are safe and come with even more opportunity) As the Director of BuzzSumo and the Anders Pink App, Steve is constantly looking into new data […]

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How Atomic AI Measures The Emotion In Your Content

ARBlog_How Atomic AI MeasuresTheEmotionInYourContent_Dec3_17

If there is a single feature in our platform that has generated the most interest (but also the most confusion), it is our Emotion measure. Clients would be intrigued by the concept of intelligently balancing how much emotion should be in a piece of content. Each and every time the emotion measure would elicit the […]

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Why Content Marketing Strategies Fail Without Predictive Analytics [Podcast Recap]


As per a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute’s & MarketingProfs, nearly 22% of B2B marketers said their content marketing strategies weren’t very effective while 4% of the respondent revealed their content marketing efforts weren’t effective at all. If this sounds familiar to you, you need to rethink your content marketing strategies. Sean Zinsmeister, Senior […]

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How To Confidently Explore Different Types of Multimedia Content By CopyPress


During the past few years, marketers have started expanding beyond traditional blog posts. Today’s blogs are a colorful hodgepodge of infographics, videos, comics, and quizzes to engage with audiences in a more interactive way than they would be able to with traditional written content. Not only does this diversity tap into other learning styles, such […]

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3 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast (PLUS: Quick tips to get started)


Podcasts have often been in the background of marketing strategies, but over the past few years, podcasts have exploded as a rich content marketing tool. The reason this has been happening can be strongly linked to what Michael Wolf of the NextMarket Podcast says in his interview over at Social Media Examiner: People see podcasting […]

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How to Dust off Your Content Marketing Strategy with Machine Learning Tools


As a marketer who crafts content for the online world, I often question whether or not I’m being heard. With the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is made everyday, traditional marketing methods of getting your content in front of your readers might not be as effective as before. Getting heard over all that digital noise now […]

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The Secret Behind Intercom’s Product Marketing Success


Announce It and They Will Come “What makes up your company’s heartbeat?” According to Matt, it’s when you’re constantly shipping ( or launching) changes to the product. Shipping brings life to your team, product, and customers. Continuous shipping touches all parts of your company as do the benefits it brings, and the behaviours that it […]

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Warsan Amin Launches Outstanding Digital Media Strategy For Biomedical Zone


What does it take to go from volunteer social media manager to the Digital Media Strategist of a health technology startup hub? For those looking to start marketing and networking within the healthcare sector, Warsan Amin shows us just what it took to break into an industry she knew nothing about. Working at the Biomedical […]

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