How to install the Atomic Reach WordPress plugin

The Atomic Reach plugin for WordPress works with the Atomic Reach web platform, one of the first content optimization engines in the world! Let it be clear that this is not your grandma’s SEO tool. We leave the metatagging to the SEO giants.

What we do is help you produce and structure engaging content for real people, not search engine page rankings.

The Atomic Reach plugin analyzes your content as you’re writing it, highlighting critical areas to help you improve the performance of your article before you hit publish.

The plugin sends data insights to your Atomic Reach ( account and helps you write relevant content targeted to your online audience every time, maximizing your performance for true engagement. It is important that you run your blog through the engine so that we can run an analysis on your historical content and provide important audience insights.

So how good is this plugin? Glad you asked. People who use our content optimization guideline generate a 75% increase in audience engagement! And here’s a bonus: this plugin is free for bloggers!


Please create an account and feed your content into the Atomic Reach Scoring Engine before you continue with this guide. Click here to learn about Scoring Engine.

This method shows how one can install and configure Atomic Reach WordPress plugin, which is not yet available in the WordPress plugin directory. Before you start please download the copy of plugin that you have received via email or from here. Please contact us to obtain your copy.

  1. Login to the WordPress administration panel using an administrator account and navigate to Plugins > Add New menu option.
  2. Click on Upload and then the Choose File button to browse your hard disk and specify where the WordPress plugin zip file is. Remember that only ZIP files can be used to upload the plugin.





  1. Once the WordPress plugin zip file is uploaded, the files are extracted on your WordPress installation. Once ready, click on Activate Plugin as highlighted in the below screenshot.





  1. Once you get the plugin activated, click on “AR Optimizer” on the left menu.
  2. Now click blue “Connect To AR” button and login using provided email and password. (Contact Us if you do not have login info).
  3. Once you get the green “Connected” button, click “Posts” from left menu.




  1. Now click on any article that you want to analyze.
  2. Simply check “Analyze This Post’s Content” and click Save Draft button.





  1. After page refreshes you will see the results of the assessment.  You can make any changes required and have this post re-analyzed by clicking the Save Draft button again.  Once you are satisfied with your article you can then click the Publish button for your article to go live.

  2. Enjoy!