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Smart Content.
Exceptional Performance.

Atomic AI zeroes in on the most important phrases in your content and rewrites them to boost conversions.

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  • Improve content performance by expertly matching your audience’s reading preferences
  • Save time on content creation while ensuring consistent quality and brand voice
  • Maximize conversions across the board
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These Companies Are Setting A New Standard For Performance
Using Smart Content

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Smart Content That Converts In Every Channel

Identify What Drives Your
Customer Conversions
Discover the essential words within your content that drive customer conversions. Atomic AI helps you strike the ideal readability and emotional tone for each customer segment.
Optimize With The
Click of a Button
Automatically optimize your copy using ideal word choices to make the text resonate with customers and drive up conversions.
Integrate Smoothly into Your Existing Workflow
Pull and push content and data from a growing universe of popular CMS, e-mail, e-commerce and marketing automation platforms.

An All-In-One Enterprise Platform For
Boosting Content Performance

  • Data Insights
  • Profile Builder
  • Topic Adviser
  • Smart Content Optimizer
  • Prediction Engine
  • Performance Tracking
  • SEO Tracker
  • Integration Engine

Learn More About AI And Smart Content

What is Smart Content?

Smart Content, in our definition, is content that resonates with each audience on a personal and emotional level. It is created using customer behavioral data and AI technology that is capable of reliably connecting language patterns with audience behavior.

In this day and age, informative content is not enough for you to engage and convert your customers. Humans buy on emotion. Your customers may know about you, but if they don't feel an emotional connection with your brand, they won't buy from you or stay loyal.

How does AI optimize my content for conversion?

Not every word in a given sentence carries equal weight. Particular words and phrases within the structure of a piece of content play a heavier role in driving customer engagement.

Atomic AI uses advanced data modeling to pinpoint these crucial opportunities, generating optimizations that maintain the context of your message while driving up conversions.

What are readability and emotional tone?

Readability is a measure of how easy a piece of text is to read. It evaluates linguistic complexity, familiarity, legibility and typography. Readability formulas usually look at factors like sentence length, syllable density and word familiarity as part of their calculations.
Source: https://readable.com/blog/what-is-readability/

Emotional tone is a measure of the feeling that a set of organized words is intended to convey to the reader. There are many different methods when working with emotional tone, and each results in a specific benefit. In Atomic AI’s model, we analyze words and sentences to assess valence, dominance and arousal. Based on our science, these are the three most important characteristics of emotional tone and are highly correlative to predictive engagement.

Why are readability and emotional tone important to my content?

Based on our proprietary research experimenting on millions of pieces of content and vast amounts of behavioral data over a five-year period, we have identified that readability and emotional tone of content have the biggest impact on audience behavior.

When our customers match the readability and emotional tone of their content with their audience’s preferences, they achieved unprecedented results.

Are all people’s preferences for readability and emotional tone the same?

No. Each audience’s preferences for readability and emotional tone are different; there is no common formula. It is crucial for your content’s success to identify the preferences of your customers using your data and powerful AI tools like Atomic AI.


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