Atomic Reach’s Content Optimization Solution Reveals a Guaranteed 15% Lift in Web and Social Metrics

First in class content optimization tool delivers an increase in audience engagement for Brands and Publishers

TORONTO, March 31, 2014 – Atomic Reach, one of the 20 most innovative companies in Canada as named by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, today announces that its leading content optimization tool delivers a 15% lift in web and social metrics – guaranteed.

If users don’t see a 15% improvement in web and social analytics in any one month, they do not have to pay for that month. This introductory campaign will run until June 30th, 2014.

“We are quickly learning that optimized content using our platform is driving amazing web and social ROI,” says Ira Haberman, Director of Marketing, Atomic Reach. “The truth is while our platform does deliver great results, at the end of the day, we help create audience-centric content. We know our system works and this guarantee will help motivate brands and publishers to use it, risk free.”

The Atomic Reach suite of products analyzes content and target audience insights, showing creators how to optimize and garner greater engagement for their content.

At the heart of the Atomic Reach platform is our Audience Match™ engine that ensures content creators are matching their audience’s sophistication and emotion to create a connection with their publication, brand or product. Bloggers can use the Atomic Reach platform for free! For more information about Atomic Reach’s 15% Guarantee program please visit or contact:

Ira Haberman
Director of Marketing – Atomic Reach
Tel: 416.302.1995

About Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach’s content optimization platform contains everything you need to engage your audience every time. Our platform analyzes your historical articles to find your ideal performance score and unlocks detailed insights about your audience, so that you can perfect your content in real-time using one of our many CMS plug-ins. Once you find your Atomic Score™, by getting an Impact Report™, you can optimize your content using the Atomic Engager™. Our Atomic Insights™ gathered while you engage your audience, help shape the audience centric content you make every day.