Personalisation Marketing: How to Leverage Customer Data for Marketing Success


Technology has become a critical component of the modern marketing mechanism. Today, a majority of consumers are extremely savvy about what they want as they have easy access to updated information at their fingertips, quite literally. What’s more, they are even ready to pay for personalized experiences and offers from their favorite brands. According to […]

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How Technology is Changing Digital Marketing


The technological innovations have transformed the marketing practices in ways few had imagined before. Emerging trends in mobile, cloud and wireless technologies have not only reshaped the consumer engagement but have left the traditional media way behind. According to an Internet advertising revenue report released by the IAB & PwC, the digital ad revenue trumped […]

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How to Use Twitter for B2B Lead Generation


With a mind-boggling 500,000,000 tweets per day, Twitter has evolved into a must-have tool for B2B marketers. An upward movement in Twitter’s advertising revenue per 1000 timeline views indicates B2B marketers are constantly turning to Twitter for their lead generation campaigns.     One of the most preferred platforms for driving engagement and brand awareness, […]

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How to Leverage Emotions to Connect with Your Audience


Emotional Marketing is the process of evoking a range of emotions in your audience, triggering interactions and engagements with a brand. Whether it’s TV ads or content marketing, brands that articulate their stories well tend to connect with their audience more successfully. This breeds customer loyalty and ultimately, generates revenues. According to a study by […]

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How to Craft an Effective B2B Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy


Thought leadership is a type of marketing wherein you establish yourself or your brand as an authority and opinion leader within your industry. It’s a process of building your long-term reputability and answering the complex questions of your audience and followers in the industry. In a deafeningly noisy content marketing world, the consumers and B2B […]

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How to Create Shareable “Bite-size” Content for Marketing Success


Bite-size or snack-size content refers to content that is short, offers value, and can be easily digested. The bite-size content has gained momentum with the burgeoning use of social media platforms as well as increased Internet consumption via mobile devices. For many Internet users, it’s far easier and convenient to interact with a short Facebook […]

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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sales Leads Using Social Data


A couple of decades ago, gathering data meant sending out a small army with questionnaires that haunted public places where you could find your target market. Now, data is literally on your fingertips. ​With just a few clicks, you can easily gather data with which you can make the profile of your customers and how […]

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What AI Means for Your Business and How It’s Changing Companies


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming mainstream as businesses use this technology to solve complex problems and offer better value to their customers. From CRM to Customer Support to Cyber Security, AI has become virtually indispensable in all business activities. While tech behemoths such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have already employed AI to […]

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