atomic AI


Our Create module helps you write and edit your digital content.

We have developed the most advanced readability engine in the world and can tell you exactly how you should be writing to best connect with your audience.

Readability is just one of 22 measures we analyze to ensure your content will get maximum engagement. We deliver this feedback in real time within our proprietary editing platform. Or, take Atomic AI Create everywhere you go by using our Chrome Extension and WordPress Plug-in.


Supercharged with artificial intelligence.

Share ensures that all of your content is scheduled at the most optimal times to meet the needs of your audience.

We provide a recipe for how often you should schedule content, what type of content to share and on which social platform. Atomic AI Share also curates content that is a match for your audience, and optimizes your social posts. Use Share to manage your entire team's social media activities - all in one place.


Develop and implement the right content plan - every time.

Our AI based analysis engine measures content program health in real time, with actionable functionality.

Understanding the impact of your decisions on your marketing and social media performance is critical. Atomic AI Engage delivers deep insights and performance reporting on your content and social media, and tells you what you need to do to reach your performance goals.


We connect you with what is happening in your digital community.

Pulling active trends on topics that your audience is searching, discussing and reading, delivered to you in real time.

Atomic AI Interact delivers personalised recommendations on how to activate your content and social media. We even take it a step further and recommend content within your library that matches current trends and topics - which you can re-publish with the click of one button.