HubSpot Integration

Set-Up Guide

Step 1

In order to integrate your HubSpot account with Atomic AI, you must first login to your HubSpot account.

Step 2

Then, login to your Atomic AI account. If you do not already have an account, you can create a FREE account here!

Step 3

After creating an account, the next step is to grant Atomic AI access to your HubSpot account in order for the platform to begin to ingesting the relevant data and content.


The World's Most Advanced Readability Engine

The Create module in Atomic AI leverages artificial intelligence to give users recommendations on how to optimize content for their audience, before they publish it.

To get started, in the Atomic AI Create module, click on the drafts button to see a list of your blog content residing in HubSpot.

Choose the blog you would like to optimize within our real time feedback editor. Use our 23 measures and feedback to begin optimizing the blog for your target audience.

After optimizing your blog content and title, click the save button in the top right corner to update your content in both Atomic AI and HubSpot, regardless if it is published, scheduled or saved as a draft. Moreover, you can create a brand new blog draft in Atomic AI and click the save button to update your content in both Atomic AI and HubSpot.


Supercharged with Artificial Intelligence

The Share module in Atomic AI provides users with unique optimal share times for their content, ensuring your posts get maximum engagement.

Manage all of your social sharing with ease by pulling your content from HubSpot into this intelligent scheduler.

Schedule your social content at unique optimal times specific to your audience. Then, Atomic AI will sync your optimized social calendar with HubSpot’s Social Publishing.

Need more assistance?

Click on these icons within the Create and Share modules for in-depth tutorials.