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Smart Email Marketing Copy That Converts
Leads Into Customers

  • Improve open rates and conversion rates
  • Get the most out of every campaign
  • True personalization with the click of a button
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Send Emails With Outstanding Subject Lines And Personalized Content

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Write emails that stand above the rest

The email marketing space is filled with noise, making it extremely difficult to stand out. Atomic AI gives you the insights you need to effectively communicate with your audience using the language they like. In one click, your subject line and email copy are optimized with the ideal word choice and sentence structure, so your email catches your audience’s attention and entices them to engage.


True personalization at scale

Personalization is more than just adding first names to your salutations—to create a true connection, your audience needs to feel as if your email was written specifically to them. Atomic AI allows you to attune your content to the preferred readability and emotional tone of each segment of your audience, helping you create email copy that drives engagement.

Seamless integration into your workflow

A vast library of integrations allows you to seamlessly move emails and data between Atomic AI and the industry’s best email marketing platforms, making it simple to incorporate truly data-driven insights into your campaigns.

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Convert Leads into Customers with
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