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Atomic Reach for Search Ads

Amplify Your Search Ad Campaigns

Use Data and AI to drive click-throughs and conversions from your search marketing efforts.

A Proven Formula for Success

Customers experience a material increase in their ads performance when following this framework.


Audit Your Ad Copy

In less than 30 minutes, audit all of your PPC ads.

Uncover deep insights into the elements of your copy that directly impact your search marketing performance.


Personalize and Segment Your PPC Ads

Develop custom profiles for your digital ads based on your intended outcome or a specific audience.

Choose the KPIs or goals that are important to you and create profiles based on those parameters.


AI-Assisted Ad Copy Creation

Edit and Create PPC ads at scale, with the help of an AI Writing engine.

Reduce the editing time required to optimize your ad copy by as much as 75%.


Launch PPC Campaigns with Confidence

Assess the quality and publishing readiness of your PPC ads with real-time scoring and feedback.

When ready, seamlessly sync with your Ads platform to launch your campaign.

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Measure Your Campaign Performance

Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your search marketing campaigns with dashboards and reports.

Identify where there is room for improvement, and quickly make the necessary changes.


Works the Way You Do

Integrate Atomic Reach into your existing workflow and processes.

Google Ads

Use AI to optimize your search ad campaigns with the help of our Google Ads integration.

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Bing Ads

Coming soon.

Facebook Ads

Coming Soon.

Maximize The Performance of Your Search Ads

It all starts with an Ad Copy Audit.