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Tailor-Made Prices That Meet Your Needs


Atomic AI, an artificial intelligence editor that refines and optimizes your content, saves you time and accelerates your results.



  • Make your content clear, concise and error-free
  • Sentence and word choice optimization
  • Title improvements
  • Grammar and spelling error correction
  • Summary creation

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All the functionality of Atomic AI, plus access to Atomic Topics, to see what engages your audience, what to write about next and what's trending.


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  • Topic performance
  • Examine how your topics are connected
  • Explore what to write about next
  • Track what's trending in the news, on social media and in search



All the functionality of Starter, plus Atomic Engagement and Atomic Insights to see how your words and phrases impact your audience and track your results with ease.


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  • Learn what words and phrases engage your audience
  • Apply engagement words to your copy with Atomic AI
  • Access Atomic Insights to see how your content is performing and learn what is driving your results



All the functionality of Starter, plus access to Atomic Profiles to create custom audience segments.


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  • Create Profiles that identify the ideal writing recipe for each audience segment you're targeting
  • Segment by KPIs, personnas or topics
  • See performance growth predictions



An integrated platform that improves your content performance at a scale and access to Atomic Professional Services.

$1500/mo *

* Starting at

  • Dedicated account supprt
  • Strategy and guidance
  • Data insights analysis
  • Writer Network (charged by article)
  • Custom integrations


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